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Captain's [b]Log

We spent a weekend at Glass Beach because we heard so much about it.  We drove up Route 20, cutting through the Mendocino Mountains.  Route 20 puts a lot of stress on your brakes.  Next time we would recommend taking Route 128.  Route 128 is filled with some of the biggest vineyards and the most beautiful countryside tucked neatly into the mountains.

When we got to Glass Beach, which is in Fort Bragg, we were kind of disappointed.  The primary beach was picked clean with very little glass residual.

We spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express parking lot.  It's off of Route 20.  It was very quiet with no banging on our door.

The next day, we met a local who gave us this insider information:  Glass Beach is at the end of Elm Street.  When you park your RV and walk down the end of the path, you'll see two signs.  "Easy" path is on the right.  "Hard" path is on the left.  Take the "Hard" path.  Walk down to the first trash can and look to your right.  You'll find hidden stairs.  There is no handrail, so be very careful.  When you get down to the bottom of the stairs, you'll find a beach covered completely in glass.

Glass Beach became "Glass Beach" because the landfills between 1906 and 1949 pushed glass from the cliffs into the ocean.  The ocean in turn, tumbled the glass, softening all the edges, and left the broken glass on the beach; taking trash and making it into something pretty spectacular.