​​Rockin' the Bay!​

C-Class.  Safe.  Well lit.  Lawful parking locations all over the Bay area for boondocking.  Wake up to amazing panoramic views. 

How?  Be a part of our Club.

Let us be your guide to true off-the-grid living in the Bay area, while still being integrated into society.

You'll receive a full day of concierge service.  We take you on a tour of every new location we've discovered.  We personally instruct you on every facet of living/working/relaxing in your C-Class RV, off-the-grid.  We introduce you to vendors who work with our Members to bring discounts that only RV Life Rocks benefits from.  And we sponsor barbecues with live music in different locations all over the Bay area.​

Our Club is one of the best investments you will ever make in your life.  Contact us for more information concerning Club Rates.  The Bay area, from our experience, is "the" Best City on the Earth, with the Greatest Opportunities for the Good you have to bring to the Table.

We have been boondocking successfully in the Bay area for over seven (7) years in a 31 foot black RV without any parking tickets.  We have driven across country from California to Washington, DC and have applied the same techniques we've learned.  We save a minimum of $85 "every night" (the cost of most California RV parks), so we know our Club is worth the investment on locations alone.

When you decide to join RV Life Rocks, you will receive over two (2) dozen locations that are safe, lawful, and free.

There are two important things to consider when you boondock in the Bay area.  The first, is you have to move around, so having many locations, makes that simple.  The second, is you're going to need to know the law and how to interpret the law.  We have found a little known fact that opens up the door to free, lawful, and safe locations.  We are willing to offer our knowledge and empower you with the information we have found so you can find continuous available resources, no matter where you are, on your own, at any location you should decide to "drop anchor."

tip of the week

We have multiple free water sources.  We have multiple free dumping locations.  We have vendors that provide the best service with a discount for our members.

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The sad thing is, people always wait until they're sinking in quicksand before they see us as a viable possibility.  But by then, it's too late because they've spent all their money at RV parks or they're covered in parking violations.  It's almost like a football game where they're down in score and hand us the ball, expecting us to win the game with a "Hail Mary!"

We are building an empowered, healthy, and functional community by taking negative space and turning it into positive results to create an amazing life.





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